5. Everything that happens…

Hello everyone, I’m back! Last few months have been rather interesting. I fractured my foot and had to put my work on pause. If that ever happened to you, I’m sorry, but you also might know what I’m about to say. So much free time on your hands sucks! Why? Because all sorts of “demons” start to come out. Not spooky, “I just saw someone in the mirror” demons, but the other kind – all your insecurities, doubts, worries, fears. Your distractions and all the fuss is gone, and all that’s left is you and your broken foot.

I couldn’t work out, go out for walks, coffees. Every step I would take was making the gap between me and my next job bigger, so I tried to stay put. I knew I had to work and be productive, but I couldn’t do anything, I felt like a fly that got trapped in the room trying to get out of there, banging my head against the closed window. Every day I felt more anxious, worried and impatient. People would say: “Oh darling, everything that happens, happens for a reason!” How I wanted to do a karate kick on them with my broken foot every time I heard that, and I heard it a lot! But then I thought: “If everyone says that, there must be some truth to that!” So I decided to look for that reason, for that clue on how to make my days easier. Days, weeks, a few months went by, and I still didn’t have it. I was becoming more frustrated, my bank account emptier ( if you are a model that’s not working, you are model that’s not earning), I was driving myself and everyone around me crazy! And then with the help of my therapist ( yes, I have one, and I love her), I realised that this “curse” happened to me because I needed to reassess my life, my day-to-day living, my habits. I always talk about taking it slow and living, well that’s what I was not doing! Life kicked me in a foot, literally, so I would slow down and practice what I preach. Funny sense of humour this life has!

So we created a plan and off I went. If you want to know how my journey started, then stay tuned! I will share my first lesson tomorrow in an interview for a beautiful project, my best friend Sadie Newman created – @innerpiece. So please check it out and let me know what you think! Thank you as always for taking the time to read what I write and see you all soon!

Love, Alek.

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